Effective staging is done in a 3 step process which includes a consultation to create an action plan, the prep work which is essentially the "HOMEwork" and then showcasing which is the photo ready staging completed.

 Interior Motives is pleased to offer any or all services during your selling process to ensure you have a successful, profitable, and enjoyable experience through out your home selling endeavour.


Interior Motives Home Staging | Halifax, Nova Scotia

Step 1:

The Consultation consists of a thorough walkthrough with a certified staging professional of every room to determine what should be done. It advises sellers what action steps to take to achieve a move in ready state to ensure the best photos to advertise with.


The Work

Interior Motives Home Staging | Halifax, Nova Scotia

Step 2:

We help in the work associated with prepping to sell, which include packing, downsizing advice, and support. We arrange transportation for items to be removed or to your place of storage while on the market.



Interior Motives Home Staging | Halifax, Nova Scotia

Step 3:

Interior motives is a full showcasing service, we are a professional team with expertise in furniture, accessories, and art placement. We work with your existing belongings, aide new purchases arrange rentals if needed. We provide the finishing touches for your key marketing tool, your photos!

Colour Consultation

Interior Motives Home Staging

Don't waste time or money on choosing the wrong colors when selling! Book a color consultation before buying paint. We will assess and choose an appropriate colour for your home.


Before Showing Touch-up Service

Interior Motives Home Staging | Halifax, Nova Scotia

Put your best homes face forward before every showing. If you would like help getting ready before a showing, we can assist you. Interior motives can provide tips in making this as easy as possible. Our service also includes bringing it back to a photo ready state with a day before showing visit.


Interior Motives Home Staging

We are your go to! facilitating the sale of your current property, as well as moving, packing, and designing a functional and beautiful space you will be proud to call your new home! We aide in co-ordinating all aspects of your transition and can recommend realtors, contractors, cleaners, and painters if needed.