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We offer downsizing services that provide an effective solution for those who need help with moving to a smaller home, condo, apartment or an assisted living facility. Our consultants provide a professional and compassionate approach to ensure the transition is as easy and stress free as possible. We can orchestrate every aspect of the move, or we can assist with any specific services. Whatever the extent of assistance you or your loved ones require, we are here for you throughout the whole process.

Here's a 5 step break down of the process so you know what to expect when downsizing with Interior Motives:




If you are planning to sell or vacate your current home, this is a great first step in the downsizing process. You can learn more about this service here.


Sorting & Downsizing

This is where we determine what items will fit into the new residence. This ensures the cultivation of an inviting and functional home.



Organizing & Packing

This can include distributing belongings to other family members and categorizing items. Any valuable assets not going to family or the new home, we arrange for sale or auction. Any unwanted items are properly disposed of. Our team is compassionately objective while helping families sort through lifelong treasures.


Co-ordinating the Move

We arrange movers, cleaners, utilities, and Wi-Fi set up.



The New Home

We unpack and set up the new residence for you. We will expertly place furniture and belongings to create a move-in ready state for you in your new home. Lastly, we will help with all the finishing touches including the selection, delivery and set up of any new furnishings.

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